Welcome to The Winding Road – a show for the everyday leader. For the community leader. The small business leader and even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves to be leaders. Through this series, we will be bringing you unique stories of real-life leadership from across the Albury-Wodonga region, to inspire, empower and educate.


ep.01 Business in the bush with Ben Barlow

ep.02 Redefining Leadership in rural communities
with Jo Palmer

ep.03 Real-life leadership reflections
with Nathan Bright

ep.04 The dangers of comparison
with Fiona Nash

ep.05 A fresh perspective on leadership
with Karen Habermann

ep.06 When you see an opportunity, go for it!
with Michelle Hudson

About the host

Claire Markwick

I honestly believe that I have been put here on this earth to shout from the rooftops that no one is 100% together, 100% of the time and none of us should use the false belief that we need to be, as a reason to NOT go out and do that thing, stand up for that promotion or start that dream business.

Through podcasts, coaching and custom programs, my aim is to support, energize, inspire, and empower; and you can connect with me via my website or my socials.

Website: https://www.clairemarkwick.com.au
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairemarkwick
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