The Winding Road - Episode 2
Redefining Leadership in rural communities
Jo Palmer

About this conversation

In this episode I am speaking with Jo Palmer.

In this conversation, we chat about the fact that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to leadership; the importance of knowing our strengths and having people around us who can fill our gaps; having a clear purpose to the things we’re doing and the value that comes from regular self reflection.

About Jo

Jo is the founder of Pointer Remote; a business idea that was born out of the idea that there was an untapped pool of talent living in rural areas that could be accessed and mobilised through remote work. This has since become the driver behind her company purpose; to support the growth and sustainability of rural communities.

Jo is motivated by the social and economic benefits that remote work provides for marginalised parts of the community. She believes that your location, gender, physical ability or ethnicity should not determine the work you do. She is also passionate about the environmental, social and fiscal benefits that organisations experience through hiring remotely.

Jo’s accolades include:

  • Being the 2019 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National winner,
  • A 2018 Crow Awards Startup Superstar
  • A young Entrepreneur Award
  • 2017 Soar Awards Regional Contribution winner
  • and 2017 Finalist in the Regional Australia Institute Lightbulb Moments and Regional Online Heroes

An impressive bio, and Jo is wonderfully down to earth and humble at the same time.

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