The Winding Road - Episode 5
A fresh perspective on leadership
Karen Habermann

About this conversation

In this episode I am speaking with Karen Habermann.

This is hands down one of the most hilarious and fun conversations I have ever had. Karen’s sense of humor and attitude to life, business and leadership is to be admired and I know there is a huge amount of gold packed into this episode.

About Karen

Karen describes herself as the #1 Left-handed operations & engineering guru living the manufacturing dream!

She is the Operations Manager and co-founder of Albury Precision Engineering, a business she started with her husband, some 30+ years ago.

With a career spanning all facets of purchasing, procurement and industrial engineering, Karen knows a thing or two about getting the best from her workforce.

Her business prides itself on the development of their apprentices, because in her own words “if we turn out duds, we’re all screwed!”

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