The Winding Road - Episode 6
When you see an opportunity, go for it
Michelle Hudson

About this conversation

In this episode I am speaking with Michelle Hudson.

An unassuming leader; in this conversation, Michelle and I chat about seeing opportunities and jumping for them – even when we have no clue how we’re going to pull them off!

We talk about the concept of always finding a solution, tapping into a higher purpose and the importance of knowing our strengths.

This is an incredibly inspiring conversation because it highlights what can be achieved with the right attitude and I know you’re going to love listening to Michelle’s story.

About Michelle

Michelle is the Director of Communications at Albury-Wodonga Health and has over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and communication industry.

Michelle is also the brainchild behind the incredibly successful City2City community fun run held annually in Albury-Wodonga since 2015.

Since the concept was born in 2013, Michelle and a dedicated volunteer team have worked tirelessly, raised funding, generated community engagement, overcome challenges and have successfully run 8 events, raising over $700,000 for Albury Wodonga Health’s Community Care Services.

City2City website:
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